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SBHS Updated Policies and Procedures October 2022

As most of you have been notified by email that we are switching to a new EMR system, Mahler It has been a process that has taken a great deal of patience from you, our patients as we navigate the new system to create a more efficient process. We thank you deeply. Covid was one of the reasons we had to pivot to the new system to accommodate the increased number of telehealth appointments. As of now, many clinicians have remained remote and we will notify you should that status change. Due to new telehealth laws, our providers will no longer be able to see patients who do not live in the state of Virginia.

Please, if you are experiencing a true medical emergency, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room. Please use Mahler's self-scheduling as a more efficient way to schedule a time that is best for you. Appointments need to be approved by our office once submitted. You will receive email notification of the appointment and you can view the appointment in the portal.


If you receive a Mahler portal invite from our office, please set up your portal as soon as possible. Save or bookmark the URL. Close the setup window/tab. Open it again from your saved bookmark and log in again, this should allow you access. Please DO NOT wait until the day and time of your appointment to do these steps. We cannot help you quickly enough. Again, we GREATLY appreciate all of your time and effort in adjusting to this new system.


Mahler is now being used for virtual telehealth appointments to maintain a HIPPA-compliant session unless your provider tells you otherwise. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide any demographic changes, phone number changes, payment information, and insurance changes to the office. If we are unable to collect your co-pay and any balances after multiple attempts, we will need to reschedule your appointment. Without updated insurance information will result in the patient being responsible for the charges.


If you do NOT have a portal, please email the front desk at and we can assist you.


Please be mindful of your medication status. Our doctors are scheduling 3-4 weeks in advance. We recommend requesting a new appointment on the day of your current appointment. For medication questions please contact It is not recommended that anyone increase, decrease, or stop a medication without provider supervision.


For issues with scheduling please ONLY contact


For issues with billing please ONLY contact


Last-minute cancelations and no-shows for appointments automatically incur a $100 fee. Appointment changes and cancellations are to be made by notifying our office no later than 11:00 am the business day before your appointment. Appointments cannot be canceled through the portal. Email us at so we may cancel your current appointment and a new one can then be requested.

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